SureSteel® Carborundum

Flatback Stainless Steel Hazard Studs
Extremely High R13 Rating
Ideal for when the surface can't be drilled
10 Year Product Warranty
Product Code: CIST001-SS-160

Stepped Side Face, Black Carborundum Top.

Black SureSteel® Carborundum stainless steel tactile indicator with flatback. Perfect for installation over substrates that cannot be drilled and is fixed to the substrate with adhesive. Concentric ring top, offering a market leading R13 slip resistance rating when tested to AS4586:2013. Meets all the requirements of AS1428.4.

Where a substrate can be drilled, it is recommend that SureSteel® Drill&Lock® Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators are used, as flatback tactiles are not suited to medium and heavy traffic situations.

Learn more about SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators, and the patented design features which makes it the highest quality tactile indicator available.

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Product Details

Product Category

Tactile Indicators

Product Type


Product Style

Surface Mounted, Stepped Side




Stainless Steel, Carborundum


Black, Stainless Steel

Suitable Substrates

Ceramic, Stone less than 40mm thick

Fixing Method


NCC Compliant


Anti-Slip Rating - AS4586

P5, R13

Warranty Period

10 Years

Life Expectancy

25+ Years

UV Stable


Suitable Environments


Standards Compliant

AS1428, AS4586

Contrast Required - AS1428


Installation Method

Tactile Indicators must be installed in the manner prescribed in AS/NZS 1428.4 – If required, refer to your distributor for advice.

  • Correctly position a AS1428.4 compliant flatback template (Available from CTA Group or your local SureSteel® distributor).
  • Using the template as a guide, lightly scratch the surface in the location of each tactile stud with a scourer to provide greater adhesion.
  • Wipe down the surface and re-position the Template.
  • Wipe the back of each Tactile Stud with Adhesive Cleaner to remove any contaminants.
  • Place a suitable amount of adhesive on the back of an individual Tactile Stud and place in the holes provided by the template. Apply firm even pressure to the Tactile Stud.
  • After completing the installation the area should be barricaded off to ensure the adhesive dries prior to pedestrian traffic. The Adhesive cure time is 24 hours.
  • 400 Tactile Studs are required per square metre.


For comprehensive installation instructions please contact CTA Group or your local SureSteel® distributor.