SureSteel® Classic

Drill&Lock Stainless Steel Hazard Studs
Extremely High R13 Rating
10 Year Warranty
Patented adhesive free installation
Product Code: CRS009

Smooth Side Face, Concentric Ring Top.

When looking for Stainless Steel tactile studs, look no further than these SureSteel® discrete architectural stainless steel tactile hazard indicators, R13 rated with a concentric ring top, smooth side face and 20mm patented Drill&Lock® adhesive free installation system.

SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators offer the highest quality tactile combined with stunning appearance and ease of installation – the patented Drill&Lock® fixing spigot – provides a fast, clean installation without the need for messy and environmentally unfriendly adhesives. An adhesive free installation process also allows the area to be walked on immediately.

Learn more about SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators, and the patented design features which makes it the highest quality tactile indicator available.

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Product Details

Product Category

Tactile Indicators

Product Type


Product Style

Drill&Lock Spigot, Smooth Side




Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

Suitable Substrates

Concrete, Ceramic, Exposed Aggregate, Steel, Stone less than 40mm thick, Stone over 40mm thick, Timber

Fixing Method


NCC Compliant


Anti-Slip Rating - AS4586

P5, R13

Warranty Period

10 Years

Life Expectancy

25+ Years

UV Stable


Suitable Environments

Indoor, Outdoor

Standards Compliant

AS1428, AS4586

Contrast Required - AS1428


Installation Method

Tactile Indicators must be installed in the manner prescribed in AS/NZS 1428.4 – If required, refer to your distributor for advice.

  • Correctly position a AS1428.4 compliant drilling template (Available from CTA Group or your local SureSteel® distributor)
  • For each stud to be installed, drill a 8mm hole using a drill and bit suitable to the substrate
  • Thoroughly clean each hole using an airgun or vacuum
  • Gently tap a SureSteel® stud into each hole using a rubber mallet
  • The area can be commissioned and is immediately available to pedestrian traffic
  • 400 Tactile Studs are required per square metre


Read more about SureSteel® Drill&Lock® Installation 

For comprehensive installation instructions please contact CTA Group or your local SureSteel® distributor.