The most trusted for railways

Austact® Manufactured from a UV resistant, engineering grade plastic that exhibits long life, extreme tensile strength and the highest abrasion/wear resistance of any other polymer.

Ten Year Warranty

18 Years Manufacturing in Australia

AS1428 Compliant

80kg Vertical Pull Strength

Hazard and Directional options

R11/P5 Slip Resistance for the life of the product

Since inception, the Austact tactile ground surface indicator (TGSI) was engineered with the explicit aim of manufacturing a product that meets world best practise. By utilising the very best-known high-performance polymers and advanced computer aided engineered design, we are proud to say, this has been achieved. Further, with over 15 years of service, we have no hesitation in standing by this exceptional product with a 10-year warranty.

Now-days Austact TGSIs are the preferred tactile cue used by most Australian rail authorities and is being used in some of the most discerning international rail networks such as Dubai Metro, Hong Kong Metro and UK Rail.

In recognition of this success, in 2018 the CTA Group purchased all rights to the Austact product and began investing heavily in modernising the manufacturing facility as well as research and development of highly efficient installation processes and equipment.

With 15 years in operation and the very best available product and installation processes and equipment the CTA Group has the skill and manpower to ensure large scale TGSI projects are completed to the highest possible standard and in the fastest possible timeframe.

 Put simply, “we are the best at what we do”

Austact® Engineering Excellence

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Australian Tactile Indicator Standards

AS1428.4.1-2009 Design for access and mobility

Tactile Indicator use is governed by Australian standard AS1428 – Design for access and mobility – ensuring consistent application of Tactile Indicators so users can be confident that the cues and warnings provided correctly reflect the nature of the space they are navigating. The standard defines a variety of criteria including the luminance contrast, tactile size and shape, tactile layout and the minimum distance between the tactile area and potential hazard

CTA: Your Trusted Installation Contractor

CTA are renowned for providing a whole suite of complementary turn-key finishes. We provide a full range of products associated with compliance to AS1428, including tactile guidance products, safety stair edging, architectural entry matting, concrete surface treatments, car park fit-out solutions, commercial carpet/timber/vinyl and much more. Our highly trained and experienced installers will ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

CTA Tactiles IOS Certification