CobbleTac® is your first choice for beautiful, recessed tactile ground surface indicator pavers

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are an ideal choice for a high quality, beautiful finish in new construction applications where recessing is available

10 Year Warranty


Porcelain, Precast Concrete & Granite


AS1428 Compliant


Wonderful Natural Finish


Hazard and Directional options


Naturally beautiful. A Natural Fit.

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are manufactured from Porcelain, fibre reinforced Precast Concrete or Granite and Bluestone. CobbleTac® tactile pavers are a range of integrated inlaid tiles designed to be installed flush with the substrate using normal tiling/paving practices. They integrate perfectly with the surrounding area, and are particularly suited to heavy traffic public areas such as pedestrian crossings, train stations and public squares.

CobbleTac® tactile pavers are your first choice for permanent tactiles in new construction applications where the opportunity exists to incorporate tactile ground surface indicators into the substrate.

Designed To Last

The entire CobbleTac® range of tactile pavers is backed by a comprehensive 10 Year manufactures warranty, all products are guaranteed to be both dimensionally and colour stable so you can be confident in the product you specify.

Standards Compliant

All CobbleTac® products meet the layout requirements of AS1428.4 ensuring your projects will meet all DDA and NCC requirements. CTA can also provide layout and standards advice at both the design and installation stages.

Range of Colours

CobbleTac® comes in a large range of colours ensuring you always have a product option that will complement the palette of the area, while also meeting the luminance contrast requirements of AS1428.

Super Strong

CobbleTac® products are designed to be ultra strong and durable. Porcelain has a Breaking Strength in excess of 3162N, while Precast offers a Compression Strength 48mpa. See individual data sheets for more information.

CobbleTac® Tactile Paver Range

CobbleTac® is available in Porcelain, Precast and Granite variants and in both hazard and directional formats. Please read more about each below, and select an option to view all colours and sizes available.

Cobbletac Porcelain tactile paving

CobbleTac® Porcelain

CobbleTac® Porcelain is a truly cost effective, ‘set-and-forget’ option. They will withstand the rigours of high traffic areas and the testing Australian climate without fading, absorbing moisture or changing shape

Manufactured from tough UV stable porcelain with a flat grid base to ensure maximum strength and the highest possible level of wear resistance.

  • Standard 300mm x 300mm dimension; base is 10mm deep with a 5mm stud height
  • Available in four colours in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • Guaranteed dimensionally and colour stable
Cobbletac Precast tactile paving

CobbleTac® Precast

CobbleTac® Precast offers the natural beauty of stone in a palette of colours with an emphasis on function, practicality and ease of use.

This technically advanced high strength fibre reinforced concrete product reproduces a stone texture with structural capabilities making it ideal for pool surrounds, courtyards, terraces, paths and driveways and is available in earthy, natural colours to complement the landscape.

  • High AS4586:2013 P5 slip resistance rating
  • Six colour options in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • Available in 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 formats, and with 40mm, 60mm or 80mm deep base options
Cobbletac Granite tactile paving

CobbleTac® Granite

CobbleTac® Granite tactile pavers, manufactured from natural granite, or Granite and Bluestone, combine the legendary durability  of Granite with a wonderful natural appearance.

CobbleTac® Granite tactile pavers are designed for permanent installation into pavements, paths and ramps and are the most hard wearing and reliable tactile products on the market.

CobbleTac® Granite Select offers Granite over Bluestone and Bluestone over granite variations, please contact your CTA representative or view options for more information.

  • Standard 300mm x 300mm dimensions and 5mm stud height, has a 20mm base. Also available in 400mm x 400mm format or 40mm base on request
  • Six colours variations and in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • Very high P5 slip resistance rating

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Australian Tactile Indicator Standards

AS1428.4.1-2009 Design for access and mobility

Tactile Indicator use is governed by Australian standard AS1428 – Design for access and mobility – ensuring consistent application of Tactile Indicators so users can be confident that the cues and warnings provided correctly reflect the nature of the space they are navigating. The standard defines a variety of criteria including the luminance contrast, tactile size and shape, tactile layout and the minimum distance between the tactile area and potential hazard

CTA: Your Trusted Installation Contractor

CTA are renowned for providing a whole suite of complementary turn-key finishes. We provide a full range of products associated with compliance to AS1428, including tactile guidance products, safety stair edging, architectural entry matting, concrete surface treatments, car park fit-out solutions, commercial carpet/timber/vinyl and much more. Our highly trained and experienced installers will ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

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