Insist on genuine SureSteel® products – the original and best stainless steel tactile indicators

SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators offer the highest quality tactile combined with stunning appearance and ease of installation

10 Year Warranty

Patented R13 Safety Rating

Ultra Strong One-Piece Design

Hazard and Directional options

Drill&Lock® adhesive free install


Superior design makes SureSteel® the specifier’s choice

Superior Strength

A single Stainless Steel piece to provide superior strength

Patented Installation

Patented Drill&Lock® fixing spigot – allowing fast, clean installation without adhesive. An adhesive free installation process means the area can be walked on immediately

AS1428.4 Compliance

Meets all requirements of AS1428 design for access and mobility

SureSteel Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators Features

Extreme Slip Resistance

Patented design element providing unique AS4586 R13 slip resistance, the highest rating of any tactile indicator on the market

Quality Material

Manufactured from 316 austenitic Stainless Steel for a superior appearance and durability


Industry leading 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty & ISO guaranteed manufacturing process

SureSteel® is the industries leading brand of Stainless Steel Tactile Indicator. SureSteel® offers unparalleled quality and safety, and has been specified for high profile projects around the globe.

Designed To Last

Manufactured from 316 marine grade austenitic stainless steel for a super appearance and durability. This one-piece design ensures strength and reliability – and will not become displaced or broken over time.

Suitable Applications

High volume traffic areas such as stairs, ramps, walkways and pedestrian thoroughfares along with areas where aesthetics are important such as building foyers and hotel lobbies. Suitable for internal and external applications.

Any Substrate

SureSteel® can be installed over almost any substrate including carpet, concrete, timber, bitumen and tiles. Read about Drill&Lock below or use the product filter below to select your substrate and view the appropriate product.

Unparalleled Safety

Designed to AS1428 and AS4586 and tested by NATA certified laboratories, SureSteel® is the only stainless steel product in the industry to provide an unparalleled R13 Safety Rating across the entire range.

SureSteel® Patented Drill&Lock® adhesive free installation

The original adhesive free install, setting the standard for quick, easy and eco-friendly tactile installation

SureSteel Drill&Lock Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

Step 1. Drill the hole

Step 2. Lock in the tactile indicator

Step 3. Walk Away

• Drill&Lock® eliminates the need for messy, chemical based adhesives and requires only mechanical retention to secure the tactile to the substrate.
• Drill&Lock® removes the waste from packaging, transport, application and cleanup that is created when using adhesives, reducing the overall impact to the environment.
• Drill&Lock® allows the area to be opened to pedestrians immediately after installation.

As part of CTA’s Environment policy, our installers recycle all packaging, water and material used when installing our products. Combining Drill&Lock® with CTA’s complete range of interlocking templates will ensure that your installation is quick, clean and fully compliant with AS1428.

CTA has also developed the EasyAs® carpet installation system to overcome the unique challenge of installing tactile indicators over carpet. This system drastically reduces the stress and cost associated with carpet installations without messy adhesives.

View other SureSteel® installation options
SureSteel flatback stainless steel tactile indicators


For substrates that are difficult or impossible to drill, SureSteel® offers a flatback option for easy adhesive based installation.

SureSteel Screw down stainless steel tactile indicators

Tapered Screw Hole

SureSteel® tapered screw hole option allows installation over a variety of timber surfaces where the use of Drill&Lock® would cause the timber to split.

SureSteel standard adhesive spigot stainless steel tactiles.jpg

6x15mm Spigot

The best option when core drilling fragile substrates such as ceramic tiles, 6x15mm spigot is fixed using an epoxy adhesive.

Want to compare all CTA Tactile Indicators?

Hazard, Directional, Inlaid, Retro-fit, Discrete?

SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators are available in a range of styles to suit your aesthetic and safety requirements, and as both as both hazard and directional products. Not all products are available in all variations – please explore the SureSteel® range  for the complete range of combinations and install options.

SureSteel Classic Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Classic

SureSteel® Classic stainless steel tactile indicators feature a concentric ring top with either a smooth or stepped side face. Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel with a one piece construction.

As with the entire SureSteel® range, Classic is designed with a patented feature which provides a unique R13 slip resistance rating, the highest in the industry.

  • AS1428 Compliant Design
  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Multiple installation options
SureSteel Carborundum Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Carborundum

SureSteel® Carborundum Stainless Steel tactile indicators have a Carborundum infill top. Carborundum offers both smooth and stepped side face along with a variety on installation methods.

SureSteel® Carborundum provides an extra high level of safety and the choice of a black or yellow carborundum top. Suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

  • R13 slip resistance classification
  • Requires 60% luminance contrast
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty
  • Yellow or Black insert option
SureSteel Special Brass Anodised Black Aluminium Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Special

The SureSteel® Special range features a concentric ring top design, offered in Brass, Aluminium or Black anodised stainless steel tactile indicators. The Special range is available in hazard and directional styles and will provide an extra level of style to any project.

SureSteel® Special utilises CTA’s patented Drill&Lock adhesive free installation method which allows the area to be opened immediately.

  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • R13 Slip Resistance Rating
  • Custom anodising colours on request
SureSteel Select Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

SureSteel® Select

SureSteel® Select introduces colour to stainless steel tactile indicators, without trading off the high levels of compliance, safety and durability of stainless steel. This provides a wider range of options for architects and specifiers.

SureSteel® Select comes in two variants, either a 316 stainless steel skirt with a coloured polymeric infill top surface or a coloured skirt with a stainless steel top surface. Both are backed by a 10 Year warranty and offer a R13 slip resistance rating.

  • Available in both hazard (stud) and directional (rib) profiles
  • Seven vibrant colour choices
  • Solid 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction (not a plastic Spigot)
  • R13 Slip Resistance Rating
SureSteel Stainless Steel Tactile Plates

SureSteel® Plates

SureSteel® Plates offer the same high levels of safety and compliance as all SureSteel® products, with the highest slip resistance rating on the market and very high levels of luminance contrast, meeting all applicable standards.

SureSteel® Plates come as a full stainless steel product and also with the SureSteel® Select range of coloured polymer inserts.

  • Standard 600x300mm and 600x1200mm formats, customs sizes and shapes on request
  • Excellent for surfaces that are difficult to drill such as chequer plates, access floors and escalator plates
  • All plates are supplied ready-to-install, with pre-drilled and countersunk holes for quick securing
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel construction with R13 Slip Resistance Rating

SureSteel® stainless steel tactile indicators offer the highest quality tactile combined with stunning appearance and ease of installation

Australian Tactile Indicator Standards

AS1428.4.1-2009 Design for access and mobility

Tactile Indicator use is governed by Australian standard AS1428 – Design for access and mobility – ensuring consistent application of Tactile Indicators so users can be confident that the cues and warnings provided correctly reflect the nature of the space they are navigating. The standard defines a variety of criteria including the luminance contrast, tactile size and shape, tactile layout and the minimum distance between the tactile area and potential hazard

CTA: Your Trusted Installation Contractor

CTA are renowned for providing a whole suite of complementary turn-key finishes. We provide a full range of products associated with compliance to AS1428, including tactile guidance products, safety stair edging, architectural entry matting, concrete surface treatments, car park fit-out solutions, commercial carpet/timber/vinyl and much more. Our highly trained and experienced installers will ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

CTA Tactiles IOS Certification