Tactile Indicators & AS1428 Compliance

With nearly 20 years of experience dealing with compliance to AS1428, CTA is Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of innovative and patented Tactile Indicators & Stair Nosings.

Compliance to AS1428

Ivory Polyblade® Hazard

Superior Service

CTA prides itself on offering the highest level of service. Our sales team are extensively trained in the requirements of AS1428 to make sure we offer you the perfect solution for each project. 

Where required, CTA are happy to perform site visits and luminance tests to make sure that your product selections will conform with the relevant building codes.

We understand that you are bound by strict deadlines and will work with you to meet your compliance requirements in accordance with your schedule.

The service does not end with the installation, we offer post-installation sales service which has helped to develop the outstanding reputation that CTA is proud to have.


Superior Products

CTA’s products are conceived and developed in-house at our Melbourne head office. Our internal design team work with product developers to bring to life the highest quality products available on the market. 

We have a wide range of unique, patented designs that boast highly innovative compositions which not only offer an impeccable aesthetic but also help to improve installation efficiency, such as our patented SureSteel® Drill & Lock studs which revolutionised TGSI installations by allowing immediate access.

We offer a wide range of tactile indicators including low cost polymer studs, timeless stainless steel studs, plates for speedy installations (available in both polymer and stainless steel variants) as well as hundreds of variations of stair nosing’s.

Rest assured, when it comes to compliance to AS1428 CTA has the product of choice – this is why architects are specifying our products time and time again.

SureSteel® Drill & Lock Stainless Steel Range

CTA have helped countless builders sign off major works across multiple industries and locations

Civil Sites

Tens of thousands of civil installations performed australia wide

CTA have well and truly established their position as the market leader in AS1428 compliance with tens of thousands of successful DDA installations across a wide array of civil sites.

railway stations

1000's of regional and metro railway stations australia-wide

With a number of industry innovations and achievements, CTA are known as an industry leader when it comes to AS1428 compliance in the rail sector.

Read more about our rail capabilities here.


ANZ, NAB & Commonwealth headquarters


Monash University, University Of Queensland, RMIT University, University Of Sydney, Deakin University



Skyrise apartments

Jewel Residences, Brisbane Sky Tower, 1 William Street Skyscraper



Tactile Indicators

We have the capacity to supply & install tactile indicators Australia wide for any project.

We’ve developed a range of products suitable for any environment as well as having the capacity to custom produce TGSI’s to suit unique architectural specifications.

We’ve installed tactile indicators in a wide array of settings including skyrise apartments, train stations, university campuses, schools, government organisations, corporate buildings and numerous other civil locations.


Stair Nosing

Stair nosing’s go hand in hand with tactile indicator’s in order to meet AS1428 compliance specifications.

CTA stocks hundreds of stair nosing variants in order to give you the options you need to meet your compliance requirements whilst adhering to environmental aesthetics.


Luminance Contrast Testing

An important component of meeting Australian building code standards is complying with luminance contrast requirements.

This varies depending on the type of product being chosen and the substrate in which it will be installed.

CTA can assist in certifying the luminance contrast of your installation by measuring your substrate using sophisticated light detecting equipment. 

This figure is used in conjunction with the luminance values of the product to determine suitability.


Australian Standards Consultations

Day in day out we work with AS1428 compliance, if you are unsure about what you need to do in order to acquire sign off regarding TGSI’s and stair nosing you can reach out to us and we will offer you expert advice over the phone.

Rail Infrastructure

Learn more about CTA’s dedicated rail business division by clicking below.

Nearly 20 Years Of AS1428 Compliance

CTA’s origin story begins with tactile indicators and compliance to AS1428. Over the years we’ve ensured countless projects have been signed off according to standard.

Australia Wide Installation & Sales Team

We’ve invested heavily into training and processes aimed at enabling our Australia-wide installation team to deliver impeccable installation standards in a timely manner.

End To End Partner

Our sales team are always happy to assist you in meeting AS compliance requirements visiting you on site to make sure each project is finished to sign off without blowing out costs.